Founder Daniel Lavery hands over running of the charity to Trustees

Written by  Monday, 16 January 2017 10:41
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Daniel Lavery with one of the RRV vehicles in Honiton Daniel Lavery with one of the RRV vehicles in Honiton

The Trustees would like to take this opportunity to thank Daniel Lavery for his dedicated service since founding the charity in 2009. Dan has now stepped down to seek full time employment and more time with his wife Shelley and Family. Dan has assured us he will carry on riding with the charity and to be seen at fundraising events in the near future.

Looking back on Dan’s time he has without a doubt built the charity from nothing, starting operating it at home, before moving under the stairs at his wife’s business before eventually securing a permanent premises for the charity to operate from. During this time the direction of the charity has evolved to provide not only an out of hours service to the NHS but also provide 24 hour support for NHSBT.

Leading us into a working in partnership agreement with South Western Ambulance Service FT which has seen a number of our volunteers to be able to perform a first responder role, which while they are on call sees them being tasked by the 999 service to provide what is often essential life support prior to an ambulance or paramedic arriving on the scene. This is a first amongst any BloodBike group in the country.

Additionally we are now taking whole blood to the Dorset and Somerset Air Ambulance, which means when the blood is needed for a patient away from a hospital it's ready in the helicopter for use. We also restock the helicopter if it requires replacement blood outside of the routine times we normally deliver to them.

We hope that Dan can reflect back on the achievements that have been achieved through the 7 years since Devon Freewheelers started. The pinnacle of which has to be his selection for the Points of Light award in February of 2016.

With the Trustees now responsible for the day to day running of the charity as well as providing it with the direction and guidance it requires for its future. We are looking forward to continue with providing the level of service the NHS trusts in Devon and the Air Ambulance have come to expect from us.

The handover is nearly complete back to the Trustees and we expect the last few bits to be completed in the very near future. For the volunteers apart from not seeing Dan in the office the work and efforts behind the scenes will carry on as normal. As Trustees we are looking forward to the challenges that the years ahead will present for us, we all have one thing in common which is to see the charity go from strength to strength and we look forward to meeting you the public we serve in the years ahead.

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Dave Webber

Dave joined Devon Freewheelers in Feb 2013, as a rider I am part of the team that keeps the charitys IT working as it should. I also bleed members for articles that we can post on the site. Ride safe everyone.