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Community Matters Scheme - John Lewis

Written by  Wednesday, 14 October 2015 10:48
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We were nominated with John Lewis Exeter Branch for their community matters scheme this year. I am pleased to announce we have been chosen for November to January 2016.

Customers are given a token as they pay and are then asked to put them into the Charity boxes located at the front door, Customer Collection, and in our Place to Eat. At the end of the 3 months the money is then split between the 3 different Charities depending on the number of tokens attributed to them. Please if you are shopping in John Lewis please vote for Devon Freewheelers.

You can make a massive difference by just placing your token in our box.

On behalf of Devon Freewheelers thank you to anyone who votes for us.

The much need money will be spent on the upkeep of our bikes to ensure we continue to provide a much needed out of hours transportation for all of the Devon Hospitals and Doctor’s surgeries.

Neo-natal units having their breast milk delivery, a home dialysis patient having someone collect their bloods from their door, someone in pain late at night at home having their much needed medication taken to them.

Bloods picked up for cross match for the donor register, to diagnose a baby poorly in a local doctors with no transport to get to hospital. Yes, all of these things are what our volunteers do for their community.

We are proud of our volunteers as they not only ride but keep Devon Freewheelers alive by fundraising every weekend and giving talks in the weekdays.