AGM Report

Written by  Saturday, 13 November 2010 14:57
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Thanks to everyone who attended DFW's first AGM. All matters that were raised should be referenced and discussed on the forum, so log on and pop over to see what the latest news is.

As far as a committee is concerned, the following members volunteered to assume the following roles:

  • Dan Lavery - Chairman
  • Adam Drake - Vice-Chair
  • Tracy Hill - Fundraising Secretary
  • Pete Lambourn - Bike Manager
  • Mike Rowley - Maintenance Manager

Not an enormous committee, but enough to get started!

We also checked the credentials of all members wanting to be authorised to ride (Malcolm, Pete L, Mike, Pete MP) and three others signed up with DAM to begin their IAM training (Steve, Mark and Jeremy).

fightThere are a couple of fundraising events coming up, so please sign-up to attend in the forum, and we'll be getting the bikes out to riders over the next couple of weeks for aclimatisation. See the forum for more details.

Finally, a huge thanks to Robin Foster, the Publicity Officer for DAM (Devon Advanced Motorcyclists) for coming along and explaining about their group and how IAM training works. Thanks also to DAM for offering to reduce their fees for all DFW riders. We are very grateful for your support!

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