September 3rd Cheque Presentations

Written by  Tuesday, 03 September 2013 14:09
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A PowerPoint presentation to retirement home residents in the morning and a talk to the Icon Ladies Darts League in the evening. Who says life isn’t full of variation and challenge.

It was off to Exmouth for a 10.30 kick off at the Orcombe Court retirement home.  Wonderful ladies and gentlemen of a certain age, who were incredibly supportive, inquisitive and enthusiastic about what we do, evidenced by the fact that the cheque for £75 they gave us was splendidly supplemented by their spontaneous collection.

Tea, biscuits and the bike in the carpeted foyer - what a terrific way to start the day.

9pm saw James and myself down at the New Oatlands Club, Paignton to receive a cheque from the ladies of the Icon Darts League. They were very appreciative of the work that we do and moved by the account of how the Devon Freewheelers story began.  They are already talking about supporting us again next year.

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