Sainsburys & Tesco Collections

Written by  Sunday, 08 December 2013 17:43
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We would like to thank the customers of Sainsburys in both Torpoint and Dartmouth and the customers of Tescos (Tranist Way Plymouth) who over the last week hosted members of Devon Freewheelers allowing us to collect money, and hand out information leaflets.

We were able to explain the work the charity does and the support we provide to the NHS out of hours. This weeks worth of collections has proved to be very succesfull in meeting members of the public with several people also coming forward to volunteer there services as well.

We may also have talked a couple of people into either learning to ride bikes or advancing there current skill sets and undertaking advanced riding. Once again a huge Thank you to all the customers and of course the stores for allowing us to collect.

Dave Webber

Dave joined Devon Freewheelers in Feb 2013, as a rider I am part of the team that keeps the charitys IT working as it should. I also bleed members for articles that we can post on the site. Ride safe everyone.