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Fundraising at Westpoint - £774 Raised

Written by  Monday, 29 November 2010 19:05
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After braving 3 days of Arctic weather at the Westpoint Christmas Fayre this weekend, the (fool)hardy but committed team of fundraisers collected a magnificent total of £774 for Devon Freewheelers. With both bikes on display, plus the gorgeous new banner, donor organ carriers, lovely collecting tins and bright, shiny, reflective jackets, we were a sight to behold.

The freezing cold and wind did not dampen our spirits as we shook our buckets, flashed our lights, blipped our sirens and generally raised DFW's profile with the general Christmas-shopping public.

We also had my very own, patent-pending, fund-raising technique. A practice so feared and intimidating that even grown men, ex-police officers, battle hardened with decades of service, cowered and cringed at its awesomeness - the FREE HUG!

On Saturday, I gave away 240 (yes, you read that right!) free hugs to any shopper who wanted/needed one. On Sunday, 87 hugs were dispensed within the first hour, and a competition began between Dan and me to see who could get the most, before being abandoned in favour of walking the line and relieving the queueing shoppers of their spare change. Jokes were told, laughs were had, and bacon sarnies were consumed.

After an exhausting weekend, that felt like a week, a very respectable £774 was donated, that will swell the coffers and fund petrol and insurance contributions for the next few months.

Remember - all of this is done to keep two bikes on the road, delivering emergency supplies to hospitals across the county. Riding the bikes and delivering the goods is the glamorous bit, but without volunteers standing in the cold, for days on end, shaking a tin and talking to strangers, none of this would be possible.

Enormous thanks go to DFW members: Dan, Shelley, Adam, Pete L, Malc, Pete and Celia MP for turning up and serving the charity - Well Done!

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Daniel Lavery

Dan is the founder of Devon Freewheelers since the creation of the charity he has worn many hats to ensure the charity has moved forward and evolved with the needs. Dan devotes his time to the charity and somehow finds time to add articles to the site.