Chelsea Building Society Charity Choice

Written by  Friday, 01 November 2013 01:06
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James, Simon and I went down to The Chelsea Building Society for our ‘promotion day’ on 31st October.  As part of their Charity Choices fortnight, the society enabled us to spend the day persuading people to vote for DFW in a ballot which would enable Chelsea to donate £500, £300 and £200 respectively to the 1st, 2nd and 3rd charity choices.

The day we were there wasn’t a particularly busy one, and having heard that Paignton Zoo, one of the other charity choices, had garnered ‘hundreds of votes’, we were able to accept that perhaps the top prize would not be ours.

However, we did our best to persuade the public into the building society, asking them to fill in a ballot paper in favour of DFW. We enlisted whatever devious means we could find at our disposal to encourage the public franchise.

This involved Simon doing a passable impression of a peacock, James psychoanalysing people who refused to go in, and help from a very affectionate, recently signed up, freewheeler lion.

We all suspect that we will be the wooden spoonists on this occasion, no disgrace there as the other charities are worthy organizations who, like us, deserve all the help they can get.