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Car Washing for Charity

Written by  Sunday, 25 October 2015 19:22
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It was a chilly start to the day but the solar rays beamed down to bathe the area and offer an optimistically fine Autumn day. A day to launder away the fast approaching winter grime of the past weeks, engrained into beloved 4 wheeled autos!!

They came in there droves to have their prized possessions washed, shampooed, dried and valeted! The teams of efficient car washers at Exeter car wash were supported by enthusiastic (if not quite so efficient) members from DFW’s. One team covered the morning shift and another for the afternoon.

Once the cars had queued patiently and then been pressure washed and de-mucked, our volunteers were like bees to honey and engulfed the vehicle with squeegees, chamois and towels, like a well automated car construction robotic assembly plant. Job done and the ‘car wash’ regular employees finished off the job with a scrupulously effective valeting service.

The DFW’s volunteers worked very effectively to help dry the newly washed cars and also take the opportunity to speak with the occupants whilst mopping up the drips on the inner door sills, conveniently trapping the occupants in their seats whilst the in’s and out’s of the charities work was explained to them. But un-reluctant the customers were mostly intrigued to hear more, and were incredibly supportive, some paying over the odds for their chosen car wash option.

Other customers sought out some of our volunteers to gain even more information about the workings of the charity. They were often amazed at the work we do for the shear love and belief of the charity and selfless time offered to volunteer.

All the profits from the days taking which amounted to £681 were donated directly to Devon Freewheelers.  So a huge thank you to the owners and employees at ‘Exeter car wash’ for allowing our volunteers to partake in most enjoyable and charitable day. Hopefully their standards and of work weren’t tarnished by our efforts, leaving their reputation in tact.

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