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If you are interested in getting involved in Devon Freewheelers please get in contact. We are always looking for volunteers to join us, the one thing we ask is that everyone helps out with the fundraising. This is because with no funding the charity won't be able to operate. Fundraising can be great fun and is an excellent way to interact with the other volunteers and members of the public and shows your commitment to the charity before jumping onto bikes and riding off into the sunset.

The roles that we have are:

  • Fundraisers - this role is the most important role within the organisation. We need people to organise events, liaise with members of the public who have organised events on our behalf and support them, distribute our collection cans to all of the local businesses in the county of Devon (a vehicle could be supplied for this) and attend functions to receive donations and cheque presentations.

  • Control Radio Operators - this role utilises our two way radio communications network and is a very important role indeed. We use a similar communications device to the rest of the emergency services which allows for radio conversations & tracking of the user. It also has an SOS distress button which addresses our Lone Working Policy and enables our controllers to initiate search and rescue procedures in the event of an activation. This role can be fulfilled from your own home and would require the use of a laptop or computer.

  • Qualified Motorcycle Mechanics - we have a large fleet of emergency response bikes, an industrial unit in Honiton, East Devon; loads of tools and the very latest Texa Diagnostics Systems. Last year we spent over £40,000.00 servicing and maintaining our fleet and we are looking at ways to become more efficient by maintaining the fleet ourselves instead of using outside contractors. If you are a time served fitter specialising in motorcycles we would love to hear from you! There is scope in the future for this to become a funded position however how far off that reality is, is difficult to say at the moment.

  • Riding our response bikes (IAM, RoSPA or equivalent qualification needed) - this is one of the most popular roles and we are constantly needing new riders to join us. The entrance bar is set very high for obvious reasons, you need to be an advanced rider and your riding standards are constantly under scrutiny by members of the public on these very big and powerful machines. If you haven't yet achieved an advanced qualification one of the best insights to this is a BikeSafe course which is only £25 for a whole weekend which includes a ride out with a Class 1 Police Motorcyclist. All our new riders must accept the fundraising role plays a huge part in riding the bikes.

  • Admin support staff - this role involves working out of our HQ in Honiton assisting with the smooth back end operations. We get a monumental amount of requests from the public to support them at their community events, normally been staged to raise funds for our charity. Previous experience in an office environment or organisational skills would be hugely advantageous however training is always provided along the way - so if you're local to Honiton and have time to spare for this amazing cause, please come in and help us.

  • Resources Facilitators - Grant funding applications is something we are constantly investigating and the application process is a complex one.  If you are experienced in this field think of the difference you could make to us by submitting applications to funds. We currently receive no funding of any kind or payments for our service and there must be something out there that operations such as ours fits the criteria for some sort of funding.

  • Speakers - We get lots of requests for speakers to attend a function and present our charity to their audience. This could be a coffee morning with 12 people or the local Lions meeting with 50 people - it's about having the confidence to stand up and speak to a crowd about our work using a powerpoint presentation and a laptop. Speaking to groups can bring in a significant amount of funds to the charity and our calendar is full a least a year in advance and in need of speaker support.

So what do you have to do to help us? Please complete the form below and we'll get in touch with you shortly.

Once you have completed the form you will be emailed our joining pack, your details will also be sent to our volunteer co-ordinator who will be in contact with you for a chat.

Once you have had a chat and are still interested in joining, we will arrange for you to meet with your local area co-ordinator. If you're joining to ride you will need to undertake a check ride. (Nothing scary, we all do them every 6 months to check our riding is up to standard)

Once successfully approved you will be given access to our website, issued with an id and other relevant information to your role and provided with training where needed.

At this stage you will be one of the team, if you haven't already met some of our other volunteers by this stage we would be able to say hi online.

In order to be able to ride for us, you will need to have an advanced riding qualification. There are recognised routes to achieving this with the IAM or RoSPA, for further details please follow the links on the respective images below. 



We are in need of volunteers throughout the county, we are split into 4 areas which all need people to fill the following roles.


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