Liza Rogers

LizaLiza Rogers – as well as being a superb Teacher, Liza was also part of a local band called No Refunds and enjoyed singing with her husband Jason and their friends. They are well known and do many fund raising events and you can find them on Facebook. Liza was the most wonderful, inspiring, happy, friendly, cheeky, helpful, talented, best Mum, best Wife, best Friend, best Teacher, very sweary, mad as a box of frogs woman we have all had the pleasure to know and love.

In 2014 Liza was at an event with No Refunds and Liza took to the stage for her solo and then stood back, this is when her family and friends lives were about to change with no warning. Liza on stage sadly took her last breath, having suffered with an aneurism. She was a courageous and wonderful person to be around making others feel happy because of her ways and she always was thinking of others, so in her final wish she had also given her consent to be a donor. Devon Freewheelers collect tissue to deliver to the donor match team where Liza’s vital organs would have been cross matched and then saving others in her loss. Thank you Liza for helping save other peoples’ lives.

We will never stop loving or thinking of our BIG NORTHERN DIVA.

We would like any donations in memory of Liza to go to Devon Freewheelers who are a charity very close to her heart. As you know they are a voluntary group of people who provide an emergency courier service for blood and organs to the NHS in Devon.

Please give as little or as much as you can for every penny counts.

We all love you Liza xx


In loving memory of Liza Rogers one year on ....

So we big up the dead and forget their mistakes.
We think about us when we cry at their wakes.
They cannot do wrong
And we cannot compete
With the dead who sleep. Forever sleep.

But, NO S***! This is wrong.
This is Liza who has gone.
So let’s swear and laugh and dance and carry on.
For Liza is our voice. Our voice.
And our voice says LOVE. Love all. Love all. Always.

By Donna Robson



liza singing