Alison's Sky Dive

AlisonHi everyone,

Why am I doing a skydive? There are 2 reasons.

The first is for my wonderful nephew, Luke, whose life was cut short last October 15th 2014. He was only 26! He was an advanced motorcyclist but came off his bike doing less than 40 mph, the cause of which we don't know.

He was due to be married to his lovely finance Dee on December 23rd a whole bright future ahead of them it was tragic.

But in his 26 years Like had packed in a whole lifetime of adventure - parachuting being one example - even though he hated heights!

I remember Luke for always having a smile on his face, I never saw him unhappy or angry. I think about and miss him everyday even though I didn't see him very much, he was family and that means everything.

So of course the other reason I am skydiving is for the Freewheelers. This is a wonderful organisation which relies on donations from the public. It is a charity with fantastic volunteers who do a great job. Please sponsor me whatever you can - remember you are helping to save lives - it could be yours or a family member.

So for me it will be a privilege and an honour to jump for Luke and for such a worthy cause.

Thank you so much.



Helen - Lukes Mum

This is our gorgeous 26 year old son Luke Perryman and his beautiful soon to be bride Dee Phipps.

Luke died on the 15th of October 2014 in a tragic road accident which involved his much loved motorbike. Luke was an experienced motorbike rider for over 6 years, having passed the institute of Advanced Motorist course, with distinction. Sadly we will never know what happened to Luke or why he had to brake, Luke was on his way to work on base at RAF Conningsby within a 40mph zone, Luke braked came off his bike and collided with an oncoming vehicle, Why or what caused this to happen we will never know.

Luke lived an awesome 26 years, squeezing more into his short life than most do in a full life time

Luke grew up in Honiton, making some very special friends, he loved everything, a happy go lucky boy with a permanent smile on his face. We cannot remember a day or time when Luke was not happy. He followed his dream left home and joined the RAF at just 19 years old, we were so proud of him his passing out parade is one of the many fantastic memories we have of Luke.

Luke loved life, he seized every opportunity that came his way, he was super fit and loved sport, parachuting, surfing, snowboarding and mountain biking to name but a few, he competed for the RAF in the snowboarding ski champs in Austria in 2011, he loved martial arts, his passion grew when he attended Tae Kwon Do at Honiton Sports Centre, with the continued support and encouragement from his instructor Darren Sainsbury Luke quickly achieved his black belt. Luke went on to take part in Judo, Karate and had just recently taken up Jiu Jitsu, In 2014 Luke was chosen to represent the RAF in their Martial Arts Team.

As well as the above Luke partied hard, enjoyed holidays all over the world, travelled to many destinations with his RAF 11 Squadron Friends, where he worked as an aircraft engineering technician, working on Typhoon fighter jets, he was delighted to have the opportunity to fly in one of these amazing planes, he loved his work and was looking forward to promotion in 2015.

Luke met Dee his Fiancée, she captured his heart and is all we could have wished for in a daughter in law, due to be married on the 23rd of December 2014, in Sleaford, honeymooning in New York over the New Year, before settling down to married life in their newly purchased home.

Luke’s Funeral was held in Lincoln, his life was celebrated. The RAF honoured Luke with a 13 gun salute and a typhoon fly over, a memorial service was held in Honiton.

We are so proud of Luke and the life he lived, there are no words to explain the pain we feel and how much we miss and love Luke, it has become clear Luke touched the lives of so many people, he will be dearly missed and never be forgotten.

Luke absolutely loved motorbikes and it was one of his greatest passions, He also loved to raise money for charity and supporting others who were in need. It was fitting that the money raised from Luke’s funeral in Lincolnshire went to Lincoln blood bikes and the money from the memorial service in Honiton went to blood bikes in Honiton and help for heroes

Luke liked the following quote by James Dean.

Dream as if you will live forever, live as if you will die today.

Luke Perryman

Dee - Our Story

I remember the first time we met on that sunny July morning. I remember the butterflies and nerves I felt before meeting you. I must have changed my outfit so many times. I wanted to look good but not look like I'd tried to look good. We would later joke about this. I remember walking towards you. You'd just got a pint and was sitting down on the benches outside the pub and you glanced behind towards me. (I thought wow, I've got a fit one!) I noticed you doing a double take. Again this would be something we would joke about throughout our lives together. Even now I remember that moment. It's said that our minds remember the most important events in our lives and I love how this moment created a memory that I will forever hold on to.

It sounds really cliché but from the moment I sat next to you it felt as though I'd known you forever. You were someone that I was very attracted to but also wanted to be great friends with. Our date, which should have just been a few drinks at the pub, turned into an entire day together. We went shopping, had lunch, went for coffee, went to the cinema and went for dessert later on. The time with you sped past and I remember thinking I didn't want the day to end. It really was the perfect date and we both learned that I shouldn't be trusted to choose the film at the cinema because it was horrendous! I didn't want us to part. There was something about you and something about me when I was with you that I loved. You must have felt it too because the very next day you asked me to be your girlfriend and our adventure began.

Together everything was fun. I have never laughed as much as I did when I was with you. There are many stories and memories that I could tell. We would go camping just because we could with no previous plans to do so. You taught me how to body board and helped me to catch a wave on a surf board. You were incredibly patient! I remember I'd caught a wave and when I turned to my left you had caught the same wave. I loved the look you gave me. I remember thinking, "This is what life is all about." I'll always remember that moment.

The morning we were due to fly out on our holiday to Jamaica you told me that you had just bought some customized leathers for your motorbike and that you needed to go and be measured for them. You told me the cost and I wasn't best pleased and thought you could have arranged the fitting for a different day but you gave me that grin and all was forgiven! I used to joke with you all the time about how much of an awesome wife I'd be. It took you a while to laugh at this joke. :)

Luke Dee

On our holiday to Jamaica on the flight out you told me that you were not proposing to me and that I needed to get that idea out of my head. You said that we were not coming back engaged. I remember jokingly telling you that you had really messed up because Jamaica would have been the most perfect place to propose to me. When else would you get the chance to propose in Jamaica?? You explained that you didn't have a ring.

It turned out though that you were bluffing and trying to throw me off the scent. On the 11th August 2013 you proposed to me while the stars were out and the waves were crashing against the shore. I had butterflies just like the day when we first met. I couldn't wait to say yes! I was so excited and we were ridiculously happy. I couldn't wait to show everyone. It also turned out that you weren't being fitted for motorbike leathers, you were actually collecting my ring! Always full of surprises.

We decided that we would set the date for 23rd December 2014 and would then jet off to New York for our honeymoon. While planning for our wedding, we somehow ended up buying our very first home together! Only me and you would be budgeting for a wedding and end up buying a house. I liked our spontaneous adventures and soon came to love your spontaneous independent adventures. When you told me about these you always started with, "Don't be mad..." and followed it with the cheekiest grin.

I remember you coming home from work and telling me not to be mad but you'd bid on a motorbike. You said that last part so quickly and muttered it that I almost missed it! I think you were partially pleased when you didn't win that bid! However you did win the bid for the fish tank, which meant we both had to travel all the way to Billericay! That was always a fun event that we would laugh about.

You had booked us a couple photoshoot and we needed to take a variety of clothes. We had some posh clothes and you had a smart suit. Except you'd forgotten your socks!! That was hilarious. The photos of you in your suit are of you standing or taken without your feet in it. Every time I look at those pictures I laugh because I know that your ankles are sticking out!

I never knew what to expect when you started with, "Don't be mad." I knew it was something that you perhaps shouldn't have done! You were sent away a lot with your work and were sent to Vegas. I personally didn't think this was work! You had three rules while in Vegas. Rule 1: Don't spend our house deposit (we hadn't bought the house at this point). Rule 2: Don't marry your mate (I know what you boys are like after a few drinks!) and Rule 3: Don't get a tattoo.

You hadn't been out there for long when you messaged me with those infamous three words and confessed to waking up with a tattoo on your bum!

But these are the things that I loved about us. We were never a boring comfortable couple. We laughed and always found some sort of mischief to get up to. Life really was an exciting adventure together and it was supposed to continue on for many many years to come. You were never supposed to die. You were never supposed to not make it into work. You were never supposed to not make it to our wedding day.

I miss you every single day and I love you forever. A little bit...a lot! xxx

Luke Dee