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Written by  Sunday, 31 October 2010 16:57
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Now that the site has been operational for a few days, we're getting a reasonable amount of visitors, mainly from Dan emailing everyone he knows! This has resulted in a number of registrations on the site, plus a couple of blog postings.

Please allow me to explain in detail how this works, so there is no frustration or confusion:


Registration to this site is restricted to accepted members of Devon Freewheelers. This means that every registration has to be approved before it goes live. When you first register, you are sent an email that requires you to click a link. This confirms that your email address is valid. It doesn't, however, give you access to the restricted area of the site. An administrator has to check your registration and approve it - basically, we're making sure we know who you are!

Once that is done, you should receive a further email stating that your registration is accepted, and you can log in.

Currently, there's not a lot on the site, but that will be changing over the next week as we start posting lots of documentation in the "members only" area. Until then, post a blog telling us a bit about yourself!


You can only blog if you're a member, and all blog entries must be approved. This means we read them before they're published onto the site. This is not to check your grammar or overall eloquence (!) but to make sure that the system is working properly and that blog entries really are blog entries, not just simple questions that can be asked and answered in an email.

Once we're more established, we'll probably remove the authorisation requirement from the blog, so you'll be trusted to post sensibly!

Any questions, queries, comments, complaints (already?), recommendations, suggestions, etc. email: [email protected] and we'll get on it.


Adam (Website Admin)

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