Update from the West

Written by  Monday, 24 February 2014 17:28
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It has been some time since I last posted a blog on the website, and following prompts from Dave Webber I thought it was time to have another go.

Life in the West of the region can be quite hectic at times, Derriford Hospital keep us busy most nights with various tasks in and around Plymouth, and even to odd excursion down into Cornwall.

The team here are brilliant, I cannot praise them enough as they will all, without exception, turn out if necessary to help each other. We have just managed to recruit another two riders and a couple of call handlers so the team continues to grow and develop all the time. We need some people who can help out at fund raising events, whilst riders can be there they are generally on call at the same time so may have to depart to undertake a job or two.

Fund raising is a key issue at the moment, we have secured a number of dates with various supermarkets but desperately need volunteers to man them. At the moment, its the same old faces that turn up to each event and we could really do with some new faces to help out.

We are now lucky enough to have Sierra 2 (a Range Rover kindly supported by Sigma in Ashburton) based in the West, this is our latest addition to the fleet and provides us with much needed 4x4 response during periods of inclement weather. The lighting kit has been fitted, and she is due to head off the Brighton next week to have a full livery kit applied.

She should look stunning when she gets back so keep your eyes open and give us a wave if you happen to spot it out and about.

Another interesting development that has taken place since the start of the New Year is that we are now an Authorised Training Body, capable of providing rider training for new and inexperienced riders.

This is a new venture, and we believe we are the only group in the country offering this training to members of the public. We have already had several successful candidates achieve their CBT using our own training bikes.

I will try to maintain a regular update so don't forget to check back here every so often to see what's new.