The real adventure begins...

Written by  Monday, 26 May 2014 20:13
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Finally, we got into Morocco. This morning's assault on the border was fairly painless, though to put it in perspective, I was as nervous today as I was my first time being assessed at Cardington (a reference to chill the blood of any bike instructor watching) I think I could have been sick at any stage with the nerves.

Once in we headed into town again. Bottled water and fuel stocked up and we headed deeper into Morocco. We couldn't change any more money because it's Sunday, so the £4.50 we have left will have to do for today. We have food, water, and a tent. The nerves subside as we head toward a lake for lunch.

Leaving the road after we had crossed the dam I had a bit of a panic, and our off road adventure for the day was short lived as I froze. Getting back to the road was not fun. I think I am a little too tired, and a little too close to the edge of my comfort zone already. Off roading can wait for another day.

We hoped to wild camp tonight, but we have company for now, so may have to look for the camp-site in the town we just passed through. We managed to stay where we were and wild camp. Our friend left us eventually, after giving his car a quick wash, topping up fluids, and generally looking like he was waiting for us to leave before he did.

The wind picked up a lot, so we cooked in the tent, because the stove wouldn't stay lit outside. (Don't try this at home folks!)

Before he left our friend shared some fruit with us, and showed us on a map of a nice place to ride to, on the way to Fes. He showed us pictures of a waterfall and river. We rode through a nature reserve in the mountains (pictures on another device, maybe added later) and it was a lovely road. It took a long time to ride it though.

It was Tarmac but sometimes only wide enough for one vehicle, and caution was needed on bends. We ate with a beautiful view of mountains and valley plateau. Truly stunning even if we were just by the road side. We never did see the waterfall though.

When we hit Fes we had a plan. Last time Zane was here they were chased into town by someone desperate to take him to the nearest camp-site, then offer him a tour guide for tomorrow. The plan was to hope for the same deal.

We found a ped rider (chasing us down the road on our comparatively huge adventure bikes) and convinced him we wanted a camp-site not a hotel. We booked in and agreed to a tour tomorrow (probably) it's a bit expensive for Morocco. He wants nearly £40!

We were slightly worried when we realised we were the only guests on the site, and then realised there is very little soil to pitch tents on. It's all packed stones and solid. Getting the tent up was a Mensa challenge, but we got there (vowing to go somewhere else tomorrow if things didn't improve) since then we have had some company arrive.

A German van, with two kids, and another motor home too. Perhaps we'll reserve judgement for now...

I'm off to wash my hair now, speak soon!