The hunt for insurance

Written by  Saturday, 24 May 2014 20:11
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Another day full of adventure. We went into Morocco and left our bikes at the hotel. After the border we grabbed a taxi to Nador, having asked around whether the office was likely to be open.

Here we're uncertain which day is the religious day. We thought it should have been Friday, but Saturday was also said to be a difficult day to get things done. Fortunately we found some offices open. The Taxi driver got us to the road listed as having a insurance office, but we couldn't find the address, or the company. All our research last night looking online, reading threads on HUBB, googling Wafa Assurance, and we were still lost.

Human nature and trust got the ball rolling. Everyone wants to help, but you have to find the right person with the right knowledge. A street seller with a box full of cigarettes and a grasp of German was the first positive. He knew he had seen the logo, and hopped up to help us find it. They are really bad at giving directions here!

A locked door and a passer by tells us they're closed until Monday... About now we're considering a ferry home, when out of the blue a young lady unlocks the door. No English, no German, but a little French.

Things are still proving difficult! How many languages can you discuss insurance in?! Insurance has to be for a year was her understanding, but I guess insuring foreign motorbikes is fairly specialised.

A few calls later another lady arrives, some more, fast French, and a better understanding of what we need. She took us to another office, for another insurance company. A good chat in German and things are beginning to look up. She calls another office and we're off again....

Yes, they do Assurances aux frontieres, but no, we don't have a length of visit on our border forms, she won't sell it to us without it. Outside we say goodbye to our friend from the first shop. She has led us around and paid for our taxi, but she won't take any money, so just thank you in a few different languages!

Lunch time. Bread rolls from the breakfast buffet, and a tin of pate later we've steeled ourselves for another go. The insurance company across the street is closed, but the mechanic downstairs rang him to say we wanted help.

The result was a young lad leading us across the road again to another office. (We're really hoping he doesn't take us back to the last one) A more experienced looking insurance lady this time. Yes, she does speak some English, yes, she does assurance aux frontieres, now we're getting nervous.

A good look a paperwork, licences, v5s, passports, border papers, a few tense moments, but she gave us a price (the one we were told it should be too!) and offered us something to drink while we waits.

Next task, Zane is off for local currency. As the paperwork progresses there is some surprise at the size of the engines, some questions about details, but finally we got our paperwork. If I wasn't so tired, and anxious about waiting another night to be sure we're in, then I'd celebrate!

Another night in the hotel, because quite frankly we deserve it, and searching for a hostel is too much like hard work. What's the chance we'll find secure parking, and save enough money to be worth the effort? When the money runs out, we'll head home.

Now we just have to wait for dinner time. Nothing is open before 8.