The countdown has begun

Written by  Friday, 18 April 2014 18:12
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So, what's on this week? Long Easter bank holiday, yay! Tomorrow I'm on call, then I'm off to see my family (and to have a 'twilight spa' - i'm not pure biker, I have my needs! ;) )

In my defence, I am currently on a countdown to the end of my contract at work, and my first over landing trip.

My husband and I are taking the bikes down through France and Spain to head to Morocco. It'll be my second trip to Africa, but a far cry from the all inclusive luxury of last time! 6days at work, 24days until we leave...

This is a huge deal for me. I have wanted to see more of the world, but not alone. I wasn't brave enough, (though I know plenty who have lived to tell a tale or two!) I am also a sensitive soul, in that my skin reacts badly to the sun, and my stomach reacts badly to everything, but particularly milk. If I let that decide what I could and couldn't do, I'd never leave the house.

My current agenda this weekend then is a mix of preparation for this trip, and fundraising for DFW. In my last week at work we are having a dress down day and cake sale to raise some money (and relieve my guilt for abandoning them) Milk free cup cakes and a carrot cake I think.

Platters to buy, donation pots to organise, and some info to pin up so people know what they're donating for. (Working for the NHS blood bikes are an easy charity to sell, but it's surprising how many people have never heard of us) Ooh, red and blue napkins are a must too! Gotta be DFW colours.

Also gotta get in touch with James, decide whether to collect the Deauville for my shift tomorrow, and if so when and how. May take a peek at how busy today was for the riders. If I'm likely to get a couple of jobs it's definitely worth having the marked bike. Especially in bank holiday traffic. The routes to the hospitals can be pretty heavy with traffic, and being seen and recognised as an emergency vehicle make life a little easier.

Did I mention I'm currently waiting on a set of new Givi aluminium panniers from Motorcycle Travel Shop? Can't wait to get those babies fitted!

Got to get practicing riding with them, learn how wide they will make the Tiger. See how they affect my balance, and ability to lift the bike off the centre stand when loaded!

Watch this space...