Quiet Weekend & National Transplant Week

Written by  Sunday, 06 September 2015 19:37
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This has been a quiet weekend for us in Plymouth & the South Hams, with only 2 jobs for us all weekend. One on Friday saw me head out of county into Cornwall, and Saturdays Job kept me well within the City Limits.

Both of this weekends Jobs were from Deriford Hospital with the first seeing me heading into Cornwall to Liskeard to deliver to a patients address, the sat-nav trustily took me to the right warren of houses. But before I headed off the Call Handler had taken a look on there system and was able to tell me how to find the house easily.

The second Job was within Plymouth City and to a nursing home, nice and easy run, with light levels of traffic despite it being in the middle of the day.

I have spent the rest of the weekend developing further the charity website, it's almost a full time job keeping on top of updates for the components that we use. One of the main building blocks which this article is written in has got a new version being released. Which through new coding should give the website a slight speed improvement, we now have a mirror image of this site set up and ready for testing when the software is released. I have my fingers crossed that I won't find any problems and that the coding is all stable.

I am always interested in what you the members of the public think about our website and what ideas you have for improvement, if you would like to send any comments please fill in the contact us form on this page.

Organ DonationThis week coming up is the National Transplant Week, there is goign to be a lot of information being given out on both the mainstream media and also on Social Media. If you would like to find out how you can become an organ doner then follow the link here.

One of the main aims of this years National Transplant week is to get people talking about the subject now before it is too late. This way your family know what your wishes are and you would have been able to discuss all the issues before hand.

I fully understand that talking about death isn't a subject we like to talk about however it is an important one which we all needed to have. I for one as a motorcyclist who was involved in a serious accident have certainly thought about it more.

The full week of National Transplant Week runs from the 7th- 13th of September 2015.

Lastly, I have just seen the weather forecast for the week, it looks like temperatures here in the west country are going to be dropping somewhat over night. It seems too early in the year to be thinking about using the heated grips and thermals. But winter seems to be only just around the corner, lets hope for some good weather during the days at least.

Dave Webber

Dave joined Devon Freewheelers in Feb 2013, as a rider I am part of the team that keeps the charitys IT working as it should. I also bleed members for articles that we can post on the site. Ride safe everyone.

Website: davewebbersystems.co.uk