Perfect day for a ride

Written by  Friday, 30 May 2014 20:20
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Today I feel was the perfect day for a ride in the South West... What's more, I was able to take full advantage of it and get out on the bike. It was only my normal commute to work which takes me from Plymouth to Portreath in Cornwall.

What made it a special ride, well the weather pretty much behaved with only a show first thing in the morning on the way in, and then the sky's cleared with a few showers during the day.

What was great was the ride home, after an 11 hour shift in work, the roads were pretty much dry, the flys seemed not to be being attracted to my visor. With the sun behind the clouds there wasn't an issue with the position of the sun either which is a bonus.

I was able to concentrate on my road position, being in the right place on the road for the bends and turns. I was able to complete several smooth overtakes making good progression.

I have checked the weather forecast for tomorrow and we are due to have some showers. Not a problem, the bike is clean and ready for the ride into work again.

Guess it would be wrong not to ride in....

Dave Webber

Dave joined Devon Freewheelers in Feb 2013, as a rider I am part of the team that keeps the charitys IT working as it should. I also bleed members for articles that we can post on the site. Ride safe everyone.