Panniers, packing and tyres...

Written by  Wednesday, 30 April 2014 19:34
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So, it’s been all go go go this weekend! Where do I start? Firstly, the panniers arrived, and were fitted on Friday. (I also did my family bit Thursday-Friday and visited my lovely Grandma, but you probably don’t want to read much about that.)

Givi’s new aluminium panniers, the smaller ones as I won’t need much make up on this trip, and I thought big ones would make the bike heavier when stationary. (I am relatively little, and need to be practical about this.)

They were fitted with a little drama, as we managed to shear the head off a bolt in the bike’s frame, but my ever practical husband calmly drilled and re threaded it, saving the day (whilst I hyperventilated quietly in the corner) Note to Givi, more robust bolts please. Note to perspective Givi owners, be gentle with the bolts!

Anyway, they’re fitted, and they’re looking good.

Saturday was all about socializing, and birthday celebrations. (Hi Becki, and Ken!)

Sunday was trial packing day. We gathered most of what we need to take with us, and loaded the beasts. Zane gets the tent and his sleeping bag, I get the sleeping mat and my sleeping bag. Everything fitted and that was all over quite quickly.

I think I have lots more decisions to make about what I need on this journey in terms of only having one off the bike outfit, it’ll need to be both practical and stylish ;) Or more importantly it’ll need to keep me warm and cool and out of the sun, and be durable and easy to hand clean.

Anyhow we are officially one step closer to making this happen. And the tyres arrived today. Heidenau K60’s I think we decided on, if that means anything to you. They have a nice smooth patch down the middle, which should make early motorway bits smoother, but they’re definitely robust looking.

I’ll let you know how they do.