On to Portugal...

Written by  Wednesday, 18 June 2014 21:52
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We moved on yesterday to Camping Villsom in Dos Hermanas. We passed acres more Sunflowers in fields by the roadside. All facing the same way, looking at the sun. The roads towards Seville were all pretty straight, but fast. We stuck to the A roads as much as possible, but had a few stretches of motorway.

Finding the camp-site was fun, it had shown in the wrong place on the iPad, so eventually I asked for directions in a bar. As he was clearly a sensible chap, after telling me it was complicated, he drew me a map. Excellent. And it worked.

He missed a roundabout, but I saw a large triangle painted on a wall, and headed for that. They like to paint big triangular tents on the walls by the gates to camp-sites, even if they don't like to have actual signs.

This morning we headed on to Portugal, more long straight roads, and we nearly gave up on the A road, but it finally sorted itself out and picked up speed just in time. Once we reached Portugal we had two options, head for the coast where there are regular camp-sites, or find a nice road and see where we end up!

With a little research we found a nice looking road on the map, straight through a National Park, and a camp-site we could reach if we took it. So here we are in Castro Verde, at a reasonably new council run camp-site designed to increase tourism in the area.

Bonus is that makes it cheaper, though it could do with a few more established trees for shade. We'll survive. They could also do with some grass or soil got pitching tents on. There is sand and rock. So, more ingenuity, and a tent pitched with well placed kit bags and the few essential guy ropes and corner pegs again. No rocks or bricks on hand.

We returned to Spain in a totally different area to where we left, and to me it seems greener, less desolate and dry. What I can't decide is, if that's because I'm now comparing it to Morocco, looking at it from a different perspective perhaps? The green trees seem very green, even the fields of golden grains and grasses look 'healthier'.

What I need now is a crash course in Portuguese. I'm sure I know a greeting or thank you, but at the moment it's lost in my memory bank! Google translate will be called into service later.

We have veg for tonight's dinner, and a little chorizo to add flavour. It's 18:30 now, but still very sunny. It looked like it may rain earlier, but the clouds have cleared now. I can't decide whether I'm glad about that or not though! Rain seems like a nice prospect when it's 35º.

We think we'll head back for the coast tomorrow, just cut the corner off a bit. Time wise we could travel further than we do each day, but it's not much fun just ploughing straight on through countries. Hopefully we'll aim for somewhere with sights tomorrow, either for lunch, or at the end of the day. Break it up a bit. Enjoy Portugal a bit.

We had hoped to get back home in time to see my sister before she leaves ours (free holiday home for her, free house sitter for us!) but I don't like the idea of rushing through to Santander.