Okehampton, Exeter then Okehampton again!

Written by  Sunday, 27 March 2011 09:11
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Got the call for a job around 5:30pm on Saturday. The community hospital in Okehampton needed some urgent medication for a patient on one of their wards. Nothing odd there, it appears, until I discovered the details:

  • Ride to Okehampton hospital and collect a prescription.
  • Take prescription to Boots Chemists in Exeter
  • Wait for medication to be dispensed, then ...
  • Ride back to Okehampton to deliver!

Here's some photos of the run:

Photo Mar 26 9 44 31PM

Arriving at Okehampton to collect the presciption

Photo Mar 26 9 45 12 PM

Waiting at the pharmacy!

Photo Mar 26 9 44 50 PM

Drugs collected, ready to return to Okehampton!

All in all, a lovely ride. The A30 was quiet, the weather pleasant, and the job a pleasure to do. A nice way to wind down at the weekend!

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