Mum says thanks to "Guardian Angel"

Written by  Thursday, 03 March 2011 20:31
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Volunteers of Devon Freewheelers signed up to the fact that 99% of all our work goes without the recipient ever knowing who we are. A fact we are all well used to and accept willingly.

Just to go completely against the flow, Daniel Lavery received a phone call today from a mum who recently gave birth to a premature baby, who was dependant on the Donor Breast Milk which is delivered regularly to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at the Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital.

The birth was unexpected and the mum was unable to feed her newborn baby when Devon Freewheelers were called to carry out an urgent delivery to the Intensive Care Unit as stocks had completely dried up. I remember the job clearly as it was the first time it had ever been given a 'very urgent' classification.

In fact, I even had to check with Adam if it had ever happened before. The mum described the rider as her son's "Guardian Angel". The rider was none other than Honitonian Kevin Lee. As this is the first time ever that a patient has contacted us to say thanks, it was felt that it should be given just cause by appearing on the front page of the website.

A very special thanks to Kevin for his excellent effort in saving the life of this newborn baby. The mum discovered some time later that the DBM arrived from Southampton via a Blood Bike and made it her mission to track us down to say thank you. "A truly wonderful service, amazing, couldn't believe it.

I thought it was another mum on the ward who had donated the milk.

You guys are amazing" Nice one Kev! :)

Daniel Lavery

Dan is the founder of Devon Freewheelers since the creation of the charity he has worn many hats to ensure the charity has moved forward and evolved with the needs. Dan devotes his time to the charity and somehow finds time to add articles to the site.