Midelt to Imilchil, a Berber village

Written by  Sunday, 01 June 2014 21:18
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We headed to a Berber village called Imilchil today. We considered the hard road, marked as dangerous on the map, then decided we'd use the Tarmac again. 4hrs off road is not an easy starting point, particularly with an upset tummy.

After saying farewell to our friends at Camping Municipal we headed south to Rich, collected fuel, and lost a screw from my sunglasses. After a thorough search we carried on without it. We headed into Rich to find the road to Imilchil, and missed the turning, so did a little tour of the town.

Slightly uncomfortable in some area with the streets just piled in together, cars and vans stopped everywhere in the narrow roads. At these times I feel a little vulnerable on a bike. People mainly stop and stare. It's probably just interest and a little wariness on their part, but it is unwelcoming.

These are the things that take most getting used to when travelling. Especially when you leave the tourist trail. Passing through towns and villages we have had our share of attention, particularly from the children.

Most just smile and wave, but then there are the upturned hands, asking for something, anything, because you're passing through. I guess it's just what they're used to. People pass through giving out pens or food to anyone who asks, now they look angry if you don't have anything.

Kids step out into the road hands outstretched, some for a 'hi 5', some miming pushing your bike over which makes me sad, I'd love to stop and talk, find out more about these people, but with the language barrier it is very difficult. The hi 5's, thumbs up and waves are most common, and are lovely.

Anyway, If I knew about such things I think I would be waxing lyrical about rock formations and strata today. Some of the scenery has been very dramatic, mountains with layers and folds. Vivid reds and blue greys.