Lisbon to Ericeria.

Written by  Saturday, 21 June 2014 19:09
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We caught the bus to Lisbon this morning. I had a chat with a Swiss family, who were speaking 'high German' and French. We passed on the best custard tarts in Portugal. I can't eat custard, and Zane thinks it's wrong cold.

We landed in a square, and walked around the Moorish castle to the Alfama. We climbed a few hills, and as we had just missed the big festival there was tinsel and decoration everywhere. We saw many tuk-tuks, of many colours, and watched one get stuck because a truck was parked in the narrow street.

He had no space to turn around, so I hope he found a way through without backing down the narrow cobbled street he had just come up. It was only a couple of inches wider than the tuk-tuk. We saw trams too, old ones in the Alfama, and new shiny ones in the rest of the city.

Lunch was a cheese and ham toastie for Zane, and a genius bacon and ham toastie for me! A short wander back to the square and we headed back to the camp-site to hit the road. We headed to Ericeria, just up the coast, and after a few wrong turns, several stops yo check our position on the iPad, and a LOT of frustration we arrived.

For our efforts we got to camp in the shade of big fir trees. There was almost enough soil to get the tent pegs in! The camp-site is a surf resort, but they seem to get most of their money from semi permanent vans, most of whom didn't look much like surfers.

After a wander to the beach we were chilled and ready for another camp supper.