Leaving home and the first day outl

Written by  Saturday, 17 May 2014 19:52
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So long UK. Hello Europe! As uneventful ride to Plymouth and a quick goodbye drink with Jo, and we were off to catch the ferry. A good deal of hurry up and wait at the port. We sailed through the night, sleeping on a row of 3chairs tucked out of the way.

I think I slept pretty well considering. That and the adrenaline of our first day out and I'm feeling pretty good! Zane on the other hand did not sleep so well, and is feeling a little more groggy.

Flowing off the boat at Roscoff and on to the road we headed to St Pol d Leon for a bit of brekkie, and to try out our French. Two coffees, two orange juices and two jam baguettes later (we only really wanted one of each drink, but we're not fussy! We'll keep practising our ordering techniques, and he needed the coffee really.)

We've done over 140miles, ending in la Boule on the west coast, just in the Loire Valley (I apologise for my spelling of French towns etc, but I can't speak or read French, so remembering how to spell is tricky!) having stopped at a hypermarche on the way for lunch and dinner ingredients.

Lunch was up a gravel track on a wind farm. Those turbines make some funny noises! Despite the first gravel track of our expedition and riding fully loaded bikes, both we and the bikes are still shiny side up. I feel a little proud of that. Start small, confidence will grow!

A road side nap was required this afternoon to keep us safe. It was rather pleasant in the sun on our little patch of grass. I had no idea what the French chap was asking us for, but he came back from the road works with a handful of cable ties after I looked at him blankly and offered to communicate in English, Italian or German. (Wondering if we're heading in the wrong direction!?)

Now we're just chilling in a campsite in the afternoon sun, wondering if it's too early to start dinner. We had a few false starts on our search for a campsite, there was a sign reading campsite 800m, about 2k later we gave up looking! Still, this site is looking pretty quiet out of season, and had reasonable facilities. Win, win.

Hmm, after a lovely cold shower I'm beginning to see the down side to 'out of season'! Brr!

Dinner today was brought to us by the letter 'S', sausages, super noodles, and sweet corn. Mmmm.....