Ivybridge Collection Sept 2015

Written by  Saturday, 12 September 2015 14:55
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A quiet week overall for me, but I had one BloodBike job on Friday evening and Saturday was spent in Ivybridge collecting much needed funds to keep the bikes on the road.

Overall this week things have been rather quiet, I was in work all week and the weather has certainly started to change Monday was a bit cooler than it has been. Tuesday following Mondays cold morning long john's were probably overkill!

By the end of the week we had very warm afternoons and it was almost as if summer was back with us. The one BloodBike job that I completed on Friday which originated at Derriford hospital and was to a patients address in the city, ended up with me riding at the end of one of the heavy rain showers that we have had. Again as a city job the delivery was nice and simple and easy to find.

Ivybridge collection:

This Saturday 12th Sept, Myself, Paul Curtis and Iain Mellis took to Fore Street in Ivybridge to raise funds, yet again we were impressed with the generosity from the people of Ivybridge. As you can see from the photo we took with us one of the GTR 1400's and an R1200RT. I need to wait for Neil to count up the buckets before we know how much it raised, but it should be sufficient to keep both bikes on the roads for a week.

We were collecting from 10 AM till 2 PM however Paul and myself agreed to meet up earlier to work out where abouts to park up, unfortunately we both managed to ride around the town twice looking for the other one before we met up and agreed where to base ourselves! I must remember next time to agree a location to meet up as it makes life a lot easier!

Ivybridge Collection Sept 2015 Small

Information Card:

We have had produced for us a batch of informational postcards, which features one of our Volunteer Riders if you haven't seen them click on the small images below to see the full item.

They are ideal for us to hand out when delivering to Patients to make them aware that they have been supported by a charity or giving out at events so people have a permanent record of who we are.

If you would like to sponsor some informational postcard's please get in touch to find out more information.

DFW PostcardDFW Postcard Rear

Interesting Reading:

As some people are aware I was involved in a Road Traffic incident which left me seriously injured last year, so I was interested in this article which talks about how riding a motorcycle can help with and improve cognitive functioning which in-turn can help with the brains development or recovery.

I am certainly willing to believe it due to the amount of processing that takes place while riding a bike compared to driving a car all the time on a bike your continually assessing what is going on around you.

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