IAM Ride out 15 Mar 2015

Written by  Sunday, 15 March 2015 15:02
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To day was the day of the monthly Plymouth IAM half day ride out, meeting at Sainsbury Marsh Mills, Plymouth and then taking in some of the counties roads.

We met at Sainsburys and once all bikes were fuelled and the riders braved themselves for the rider ahead, Barry the ride leader gave a brief of the overview for the ride.

I managed to remember we were heading to Totnes via Modbury, then to Bovey Tracey and then heading back over Dartmoor... The actual route doesn't matter due to the drop off system we use to ensure all riders keep going in the right direction!

Despite the morning being overcast and some light drizzle on the first section it flowed well and we made good progression. The great thing about group rides is finding new ways to places, and this ride was no different.


Above is a shot from one of the video cameras that were recording the ride of me passing through Newton Abbot (I think it was Newton Abbot!)

We took a refreshment break at Trago Mills Newton Abbot, for a coffee and cake! Which also gave us the opportunity to warm up from the first section of the ride.

There was one notable section of the ride while riding across Dartmoor... A herd of sheep being herded!


Luckily we didn't have to wait long for them to be shepherded off the road and into there new field. Once we were clear of the sheep we were able to progress without any incidents!

Our route progressed to Princetown and then onto Yelverton where we split off and went our separate ways. I decided to head off with another rider to avoid the main A386 and instead headed back over Dartmoor.

Following a good ride out, a coffee and a review of the route we took courtesy of Steve P's on-board camera. It's always good to review how you ride and see the route from another persons view point!

The route was saved on my phone using the Realrider app which can track your route, and also raise an alert in-case of an accident. For more details visit Realrider.

To view the full route taken follow the link here which is the route as saved to Realrider

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