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Written by  Friday, 11 April 2014 17:58
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Hi, thought I ought to have a go at writing a blog. So lets start with the basic background info.

I am female (Devon’s only female rider so far) 5’5” on a good day, and I have recently acquired a Triumph Tiger 800.

I’ve held my licence for 11years exactly this week. In that time I’ve had four bikes, ‘86 Honda Rebel cmx250c, Kawasaki ER5 (say no more) Yamaha Fazer 600, and now the Tiger. I’ve ridden plenty of other bikes in that time too. (Maybe sometime I’ll reminisce but I won’t bore you now!)

I am a fully licenced DSA bike instructor, but currently work in admin at the RD&E, which links nicely to the Freewheelers.

Well, I’m on call tonight (5/3/14) I’ve had the usual call to deliver samples from a Dialysis unit to a path lab. So what goes through this Freewheelers’ mind as they’re riding? Well, plenty. Much of it linked to driving. What’s my speed, is it correct and level, what are the drivers around me doing? Is that car really that close to my pillion seat?! Am I giving the guy in front enough space, or am I getting impatient too? Now, where is the entrance to this hospital again? Oh, and I really should have oiled my chain.

So, the job. I picked up more samples today than I’ve ever had in one go, (did I mention I’m fairly new to this really? less than 10 jobs under my belt I think) Wasn’t sure it’d fit in my tub, but it did. Then off to the hospital to deliver to the path lab.

A fairly uneventful ride, mostly dual-carriageway. Roads are fairly quiet by now, it’s between 9-10pm. At the hospital it’s late enough for the side entrance to be locked, so I’m headed to A&E to get the samples ‘podded’ to the lab. A lovely lady signed to say she received the samples, and I’m off home again. Pretty simple really. Home by 10, then a call to say it’s all set for another run at 11:00. Welcome to our world!