Hello Morocco?

Written by  Friday, 23 May 2014 20:05
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So, it's supposed to be 'Hello Morocco' today, but it's not looking good. We decided to cross Almeria to Melilla as Melilla is a quieter port, which should make for an easier crossing. We caught an overnight ferry, leaving at 23:30. We arrived at 8, having had very little sleep.

There was snoring and crying, and the floor did not make for a comfortable bed. We stopped at a lovely cafe in Melilla just outside the dock for a breakfast of Tuna baguette?! Had a quick look around on our bikes and headed for the port. We got to Moroccan customs and had some issues with paperwork.

We need to buy insurance for Morocco, but the office was closed. We couldn't take the bikes in without the insurance, despite being assured it is common to buy the insurance at the first town after the port.

The Inspector took our forms, and sent Zane into Morocco without the bike to find us insurance. After a very long walk being sent from pillar to post he returned to the dock to find the office had opened. They sent him back into Morocco to the insurance office. Just around the corner, but no one had been able to direct him there earlier.

At this stage a little bad timing seems to come into play, insurance rates (which should be standard and less than £100 is now €150 each, plus €200 to sort the problem that the inspector has paperwork the insurance man needs... Ouch. No chance.

Change of plan, it's nearly 14:00. Let's get out of here and rethink things. Back in Melilla finding tourist info and a hotel or hostel should be an easier challenge. Nope! There are signs, but we can't find the office. We circled on foot and on two wheels. Worryingly we haven't seen a hotel either...

Now we're back in the cafe by the port. A little Italian crossed with Spanish and we hope there is a Tourist info in the port itself. Now we just need to wait for 17:00. I hope this goes better that the rest of today has.

Showered and recovering in a hotel with secure parking and a good view, ready for another assault on the border tomorrow.