Heart Transplant Patient saved!

Written by  Thursday, 03 March 2011 11:39
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An absolutely fantastic start to the cover of the North Devon District got under way last night when an emergency call for help was received for a heart transplant patient, who had been called forward on the list for surgery in less than 6 hours.

heart11A very well deserved pat on the back goes to all the volunteers who had to pull off this blue light wonder at the drop of a hat, during the early evening rush hour!!

This job literally had people in all four corners of the county running around to ensure everything went like clockwork, and some quick thinking saved the day. A special mention also for the very valuable assistance of the Weston Freewheelers EVS and 'newbie' rider Les - the star of the hour who completed the mercy dash from the Taunton RVP up to the Bristol Royal Infirmary.

heart41The patient was being moved by ambulance from the North of the county, the collection was en route to the Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital in the Centre, the rider was still at work in the City.

The bikes were parked up in the East and another in the North. At the same time - a call was made to Weston Vice-Chair Mike Belch who with some remarkable feat found a rider and a bike in the middle of the afternoon in Frenchay and despatched it to be on standby at Taunton RVP.

North Devon's cardiac unit contacted Devon Freewheelers EVS secretary Shelley Roe-Lavery, who works at the Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital to receive the transfer, who relayed that to Daniel at 17:30hrs. It was then rushed to the Taunton RVP for 1800hrs and less than 45 mins later was in the ward at the BRI thanks to Weston Rider Les, who embarked on his very first blue light run. Phew!

A remarkable result that saved the life of a heart patient. The most rewarding part of all this is the knowledge and satisfaction yet again experienced by volunteers who run around, giving their time for free to save a person they don't know, a person who most definitely doesn't know them - or will ever even hear of them.

Only the Freewheelers themselves will ever be able to appreciate the job done last night.. Congratulations everyone - we love what you do - well done and thanks!

Daniel Lavery

Dan is the founder of Devon Freewheelers since the creation of the charity he has worn many hats to ensure the charity has moved forward and evolved with the needs. Dan devotes his time to the charity and somehow finds time to add articles to the site.