Halfway to Morocco...

Written by  Saturday, 17 May 2014 19:56
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Half way to Morocco.

We crossed the border into Spain this evening, then stopped at the first campsite we saw at about 7:30pm. I have noticed a new greeting from overtaking French bikers today.

They stick their right leg out! The first couple who passed us, I just assumed they were stretching. Then it became a bit too common (not that we get overtaken a lot, honest!) how are we supposed to respond to a leg out?! Wave our leg too? They won't see it once they've passed. Maybe we should be waving as they approach, then they wave a foot once they're done?!

Anyway. We headed for the Pyrenees today, via Lourdes, where Zane used to own a barn. Lunch was by a lake near Lourdes. Imaginatively named Lac d Lourdes. Beautiful, and sunny, perfect for a spot of windsurfing, but perhaps a bit chilly?

We rode through Lourdes, saw the centre. It was full of military and police in uniform. Marching bands, and stationary military bands on every street! We rode through the crowds in the one way system (which they used to reverse every week or so, maybe still do.)

After that it was into the hills to visit the barn, gravel track and ruts. Our first taste of actual off road. I was rigid and had to remember to breathe on the way up, but much more relaxed on the way back down. Let's hope a little more practise will improve that further or Morocco could be interesting!

Just gotta remember what I learned with Simon Pavey and co at BMW off road school. Look up and breathe. (I've spent years teaching other people that!)

Onwards into Spain tomorrow. Visiting a few friends on the way through. But for now, goodnight!