Gorges and mountains

Written by  Sunday, 01 June 2014 21:23
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Today we headed through the Gorges of Dades and Todra, then back through Todra to traverse the tourist trail and head for the desert via Efroud. More amazing scenery, and mostly on Tarmac, though not all good quality!

We rode throughout Dades, having wandered into it last night for a sneak peek as it was getting dusky. Once we were through the narrow section the road climbed before the fun continued with hairpin bends down into the bottom of the gorge again.

After a little scare travelling sideways on the gravel whilst giving room to the on coming minibus the ride was smooth. The barrier is only 1/2meter high at most, so losing control of the bike was not an option. We headed on to Todra for lunch, which was quite an experience.

Being Sunday half the country was there enjoying the cool water and shade. There was a band of teenage boys with drums wandering up and down, and a trike with a loud speaker and what I assume is local music playing out. Most people were contented and let us be, a boy stopped for a photo with the bikes, and we ate our lunch by the stream.

Crossing the tourist trail was long and hot. There is little shelter once you leave the gorges, and there were no clouds in the sky. The scale of the flats is unbelievable, and the Rocky Mountains vary in colour, shape and size.

Mostly on the horizon, but a few rock formations rise from the flat land and stand alone with their swirls and layers, and at times almost wave like forms.

Tonight's hotel is a larger campsite with 'bungalows' and Berber tents available for a price. They've even thought it out enough to have provided mud for tent pegs, though sadly not near the shade. It may be an early morning tomorrow, as the tent will be like an oven. For tonight there is a swimming pool and wifi, so I am happy, and finally up to date on this blog.

Thank you for reading. I hope you are enjoying the journey so far...