Getting busy.........

Written by  Wednesday, 14 September 2011 12:10
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It's been a good 2 or 3 months since I did my first job, and since then things really seem to have taken off. From milk runs to Dorchester and a 9 hour long evening on the road with Dan, things have definitely started to get busier.

The more we can raise the profile of DFW, and if the more people are aware of our existence, then the more jobs will come through and we will continue to grow.

Since a nervous start to my Freewheeling career, I have grown in confidence when speaking about the work the Charity undertakes, and have started to take an active role in both fund raising and recruitment. Being the only member around the Plymouth area is a bit lonely at times, but we have already had offers of support which I am keen to develop.

I am really looking forward to undertaking the blue light training next week with Devon & Cornwall Police, I just hope I don't get too nervous being followed by a Police bike!!