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It should be called FUNraising

more poetry from our resident loriet

It should be called FUNraising

I never have more fun than when I’m standing with a bucket
although for colleagues who’ve not tried, they may think …. Forget it
The laughs we’ve had till tears were running down our faces
tears enough to dampen even Neil Gardner’s fancy braces

Just by standing, smiling and saying ‘have a great day’
you’ll find Jo public’ll meet you more than half the way
You needn’t be an amazing public speaker
to get the passing pennies dropped into a beaker

Standing with a bucket in your hand won’t drive you mental
the money dropping in the slot becomes almost incidental
‘cos it’s fun to spend a half a day just goofing round with mates
but unless you try, the common misconception is …. it grates

Which it doesn’t, I can tell you, and I’ve done quite a few
It’s never a case of not knowing what to do
Jo P. will do it for you, and not so much as pause
Because they always recognise a very worthy cause

So come on guys and girls FUNRAISING’S FUN
Just grab a bucket, smile, and stand beneath the sun
Wish people well and all the very best
and be assured that they will do the rest.

Les May

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