Fundraising weekend down. One week to go....

Written by  Monday, 05 May 2014 19:45
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Another weekend done. The countdown is now at one week... Spent the weekend fundraising with DFW at the Paignton Bike Fest. We talked and smiled, and helped kids climb all over the bikes.

We handed out stickers and leaflets, generally raising awareness of who we are and what we do. Once the sun burned through the cloud it was a fantastic weekend.

My personal highlight was riding the bikes around the arena while Les talked to the crowd. (Though I wasn't so keen on the bit where I dropped the big beast when leaving the stand :-/ )

I am proud of what we do, and of the bikes I ride, taking the big BMW RT 1200 around the arena is my way of hopefully inspiring other female riders, telling them it is possible. Blood bikers don't have to be male, or even the bigger 'butch-er' females.

Most of the female riders I've met with experience instructing, blood bike riding etc are not the stereotypical ones. It's experience and good bike control that make it possible. Having said all that, if that bike passes an angle of lean it becomes impossible to hold if you can't keep it moving. Still, no harm done on grass.

Steve did a fantastic job this weekend, talking to riders who may otherwise not have stopped, asking for people who might consider giving their time to our cause. In the process he also managed to get more BMAD donations in our bucket than any other on the Saturday.

Now it's a waiting game to see if anyone gets in touch interested in joining us. Tanya will also be glad to know we spoke to a few interested call handlers too.... Here's hoping.

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