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Written by  Friday, 15 January 2016 11:20
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Getting into this blog stuff, who says we can't learn something new!

I'll try and keep this going as it's very difficult for you to keep up with all the work that goes on behind the scenes and I'm not even close to being an IT geek so thanks for bearing with me.

I've been on to the server today and major work has started with the update of all our charity documentation, pretty much everything is up for review and renew. We've been onto our supplier and ordered new button seals for all of our blood boxes, and order new banking bags to go along with new control measures in the unit.

Security is another matter top of the agenda, the outside lights haven't been working since we moved into the unit and they are now all fully operational. There is a light just above the key safe to help the riders on call see better when they are accessing and egressing from the front door, and we have a new LED floodlight above the loading bay door which lights up the whole area on a PIR switch.

CCTV cameras have now also been installed both inside and outside of the unit and are monitored remotely. The new systems record everything 24/7, are Infra Red equipped so even in the pitch black the picture is perfect. This will give added reassurance to our volunteers and in today's world is the ultimate tool for crime prevention.

Gone are the days of stepping over my ethernet cable to get into my office, all the phones, broadband, BT hubs and wires have been moved out and our data cabinet now fully installed elsewhere, and our new store room is now fitted with electrics and a light. I'd like to give a special thank you to Mr Sam Bader for his electrical expertise and Ian Dunstan for coming in on a Sunday over Christmas break and installing our phone systems for us, both of which did so completely free of charge.

Keep an eye out, this blog has been fun!

Daniel Lavery

Dan is the founder of Devon Freewheelers since the creation of the charity he has worn many hats to ensure the charity has moved forward and evolved with the needs. Dan devotes his time to the charity and somehow finds time to add articles to the site.