First Job

Written by  Monday, 30 May 2011 22:18
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Finally got to do my first job tonight. I had just settled down to watch the first race from the World Superbikes when I got a call from Adam asking if I fancied picking up some drugs from Crediton and delivering them to Okehampton. Well, you can't say no can you so on with my kit and off up the A38 towards Exeter.

I thought I would be clever and re-fuel the bike on the way but when I got to Exeter the petrol station was shut. There was still plenty in the tank to do the job so I just carried on up to Crediton.

I have never been to Crediton Hospital before so I stopped in the middle of the town to ask directions. Found the hospital without too much difficulty and made the pick up just after 8:00pm. As I tootled off towards Okehampton on a very pleasant evening I couldn't have been happier, however that was very soon spoilt by a big black cloud which promptly deposited its contents with some vigour!

Fortunately the shower was heavy but short and after a few miles the sun was shining again as I made my way into Okehampton. Once again, Okehampton Hospital is not somewhere I have frequented previously (despite having played rugby in Okehampton on numerous occassions!) however I soon spotted the signs and made my way into the hospital car park to make the delivery.

Job done, and now for a nice ride home via Tavistock and across the moors back to Ivybridge. Got home in plenty of time to see race two!

Now looking forward to the next job,