Emergency drug delivery to RD&E

Written by  Sunday, 27 March 2011 17:32
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I'd just finished my delicious Sunday lunch (lamb, if you're interested) and the bat-phone rang. There was an emergency pick-up from Bristol Royal to be delivered ASAP to RD&E. We liaised with Weston Freewheelers to collect the drugs from Bristol and meet at JN25 for the change-over.


Photo Mar 27 5 30 10 PMI geared up and headed along the M5. Traffic was sporadic, and I arrived at JN25 in plenty of time and parked up at the meeting point - a pretty useless petrol station (no petrol!). Here's a photo of the bike.

I had a bit of a wait, but then heard sirens in the distance, and knew my colleague from Weston was almost there. He arrived on a lovely BMW, handed over the package, and I headed off back down the M5 to Exeter.

A couple of Police cars passed me on their way to an accident. There was quite a pile-up around JN27, which slowed my progress somewhat, but I was soon at JN30 and on my way into Exeter.

I arrived at RD&E and headed for the main reception. The receptionist was primed for my arrival, and guided me to Intensive Care. I handed over the package to a waiting nurse, and that was it - job done!

I left RD&E with a huge smile on my face, knowing I'd done some good. I took a leisurely ride home, filled up the tank and got home to a hero's welcome - cuddles from the kids and a lovely cup of tea.

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