Easter Saturday on call

Written by  Saturday, 19 April 2014 19:20
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So, another day on call is drawing to a close. Two calls, both kidney unit runs to transport samples so the good people there can be sure their patients stay well and receive the right treatment.

First step was to pick up the marked bike (it makes sense, especially on a full day shift) I put it off just a little too long procrastinating though, and the call from Heather came in before I had the bike. Oops! Never mind, there's normally time for a detour if needed, so I swung by Paignton to grab the bike, then off to the Kidney Unit.

The staff were friendly as always, and there were plenty of samples to fill the tub. (We have to triple wrap all samples. Multiple Plastic test tube type samples, in plastic bags, in a large sample pot. All properly labelled.) Then off to the hospital (stopping briefly en-route to collect stickers for my fundraiser,) to deliver all the samples to the path lab.

With bank holiday traffic levels it took a while, and I was home late for lunch. Never mind, a cheese toastie, and settle in the sun to read the paper. I was just getting comfortable (2hrs later ;) ) when the next shout came in. With all the bank holiday traffic I got plenty of filtering practice in and the shouts took a little longer than normal.

I the South Devon area two shouts is considered a busy day, other areas would call it a quiet evening shift, so I decided at this point I may as well return the marked Dullsville and pick up Tiggy to ride home. A quick chat with James as I swapped the bikes back, and I was off, wishing him and the family a happy national chocolate day!

I was however stopped in my tracks on the way home by a crash ( I assume, I didn't get close enough to check details) So the debate; get close and ask if there's anything I can do, or sit back and wait? But at this stage emergency services were already on the scene, and I realised that, comparatively, I'm a glorified courier.

After a brief wait I decided to navigate by using the force. I had realised none of the vehicles which turned off left had reappeared, so they must have gotten somewhere... When I re emerged on the main road the other side of the accident I attempted to pass on my intel, not so easy inside a helmet and half a road away.

I also called out to another biker heading toward the scene, whether it helped or not I don't know, but I am sure there was a better way! I'll work it out for next time...

Thoughts go out to whoever needed the ambulance, I hope it was nothing too serious.