Day off, home cooking, washing and hot tubs!

Written by  Thursday, 22 May 2014 20:03
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A day off recharging. Now off to the port in Almeria to see if we can get an open return allowing us to return to Gibraltar. If not then it's decision time. We don't fancy the two days ride along the south coast to Gibraltar, and we're keen to get to Morocco now. Though we're thinking back up the Spain Portugal border, and Santander/Bilbao home.

Haven't decided what to do if we can't. Anyhow, a day off, quick trip to the post-office to be told it'll cost £40 to send our big fleeces and, trouser liners and unvented bike trousers home. Nope, we'll survive! Two home cooked meals, good company, midnight hot tub.

Our last day on the road I required a big dose of MTFU. A little windy road down the hills. Now Karen, look up, focus on putting your bike in the correct position, and the corners will look after themselves! It's amazing what tiredness can do. I slowed it, and talked myself through it. Good job I carry an in built instructor with me ;)