Day 3

Written by  Saturday, 17 May 2014 19:53
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More mile munching today. But some beautiful roads as we head south through Limousin and the Dordoigne. We stopped finally in the town of Lectoure, between Agen and Auch on the N21. A road I can highly recommend.

Now, being British I get excited when bikers give me a nod, and am very generous in handing them out to other bikers, but somehow that seems so formal compared to the hand out or peace sign given over here with the left hand low down just below the handle bars.

Another free pitch. Can't really call it a campsite due to a lack of facilities. For my friends at the RD&E, and anyone else who might have been a little jealous, but not keen on the camping, I am now on the festival scale of smelly. Face wash in cold water or with a wipe. You'd hate it.

Though I have to admit, for me, It's worth the sacrifice! I am avoiding close contact with those less smelly, and freshening up as best I can with wipes! Despite being tired today, I am still loving it.

Thought I may be a little grumpier this evening, but the high is still there. We have a Donkey on our campsite tonight. The man with him is on a pilgrimage to Compostela. 20-25km each day, 1800km that's definitely more mental than us! ;)

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