Busy night! All bikes deployed all over the county all at the same time...

Written by  Friday, 18 March 2011 17:36
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A very busy night was had by all last night with four riders all out all at the same time. Several urgent jobs came in one after the other and everyone was thankfully on the other end of their phones all ready for deployment. Andy in North Devon had a nice run into RD&E for a collection and then back out to North Devon District Hospitals in Barnstaple.

An RV was offered to Andy for a meet at Tiverton for a change over, but he was more than happy to undertake the job from start to finish. This took a lot of the strain off the guys on East and Central.

Due to an unforeseen incident which left Delta 7 disabled, Dallaways Garage were working flat out to get the service and exhaust completed on Bravo 3 before the end of day - and fair play to the lads at Dallaways; they've done an amazing job!

Daniel Lavery phoned through to Kevin Lee (a.k.a. Guardian Angel/Ark Angel/Road Angel!!!!) enroute back from his full-time job to ask a 'favour' and help get B3 back from Dallaways to Honiton.

With the North already deployed and D7 off the road, we were trying to keep all avenues covered. Enroute to collect Kev, the next one came in for Dawlish Hospitals; Adam's neck of the woods....but unfortunately Adam was already booked off for Parent/Teacher duties.

D7 would have been ideal and it was hard to comprehend volunteer rider and Police Instructor Jim Watts has been preparing for nearly two weeks to get Delta 7 operational and the day she let's him down, DFW gets bombarded with calls, one after the other!

Dan decided that he would cover the Dawlish job on the new South West Communications Pan European ST1300 as getting Kev out at short notice for taxi duty was already pushing the boat out. A nice little run into Torbay had now filled his calendar for the evening.

Pulling up outside Kev's pad in Honiton, Daniel's home town; the phone starts ringing again. A quick glance at the radio display in the car (the phone is linked to the car radio for hands-free) shows the 'Freewheelers Emergency' on screen again!

Taking details for yet another call in another direction Daniel has decided he is going to have to bow down on bended knees to Kev and ask for another favour which would probably keep him out for at least 3 hrs. Being issued with an immediate 'Urgent Priority' from Pharmacy at the RD&E, Kev's task was going to be temperature controlled drugs from Childrens Ward at Wonford - straight to patients home address, south of Totnes.

Never turning any job down, Kevin Lee found himself on a proper run around! A quick (ahem) journey in the car to collect Bravo 3 from Dallaways, back to honiton for a Clinimed Box, to exeter, collect and on to a location south of Totnes. (Vague, I know, patient confidentiality; your rules, not mine).

With all the East and Central deployed, the absence of Delta 7 was huge. It was a strange feeling to be honest, it was the first time all the bikes were out, all at the same time. Not having much time to reflect on the sudden popularity of DFW with all the hospitals, the blood samples at Dawlish still needed to go to Torbay.

Mastering a quick fit Clinimed Box onto the new Comms Pan Euro, Dan set off from Honiton, heading cross-country after a swing-by for some ice packs for Kev on Bravo 3. Arriving at Torbay and on checking the phone, a text message arrives from Andy; all complete at North Devon! (I was going to give him a quick call to see how he got on, but - I didn't want to interrupt the refuelling of his HELICOPTER!!!)

A short time later, Kev calls in clear, Dan's clear, Malc is also local and clear and a well deserved RV at McDonald's outside Torbay Hospital is agreed for a little caffine intake. Everyone meets up, and Malc's grand-daughter Megan is also in tow for a great wind down after a busy evening. Arriving back in Honiton at about 23:00hrs, everyone is home, bikes are parked up and it is the end of what has been a very long journey home from a full days work.

Trying to remember what time the day started whilst setting the alarm for 05:45hrs, it's been an action packed evening with some fantastic team effort by all - very rewarding, well done everyone. Here's to tomorrow......

Daniel Lavery

Dan is the founder of Devon Freewheelers since the creation of the charity he has worn many hats to ensure the charity has moved forward and evolved with the needs. Dan devotes his time to the charity and somehow finds time to add articles to the site.