Berber House! A day relaxing in Midelt.

Written by  Sunday, 01 June 2014 21:16
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We spent a day in Midelt doing very little. Some washing, and relaxing, then wandered into town for some lunch. Again our friend wanted to take us in his car, show us his Berber house, not for shopping, just to take some photos for publicity. We declined the offer and headed off (in entirely the wrong direction) asked a police officer for directions, and turned back towards town.

A quick visit to a cafe with WiFi to upload the last instalment, spilling coffee all over the iPad trying to connect to the WiFi. Off again towards town things started to liven up and there were plenty of cafés, but we needed food.

The first place was selling tagines at a reasonable price, so we headed in. We got the full works, tomato and onion salad, olives, bread, and eventually our tagines. When we asked for Fanta to drink someone was duly sent to find some.

All in all a pleasant meal. The tagines should have been beef, but I'm sure it was lamb, or I guess maybe goat? And as a nice twist with potato not couscous. Very tasty. Many people had stopped to say hello, mostly seeming to be staff, and a lady begging was sent on her way before she had a chance to ask for money. After the meal one lad remained, and we were asked again to visit the Berber house.

As we were nearby we relented, and low and behold it was a carpet shop. We drank tea, and looked at carpets, all very lovely, but not today thank you! Time to go, my stomach was not happy anyway.

Back at the camp-site the washing was dry, and we kicked back a bit. I had a nap in the shade. We would walk to town again later once the shops opened for supplies.

We found super noodles, but mackerel was in soya oil, or tomato sauce. My tummy does not agree with soya, so tomato it was, and a new jar of jam. We wandered back toward the restaurant in search of bread, and found the clothing and jewellery quarter, so took a wander.

Midelt is far enough off the tourist trail that mostly you are left in peace. On our way back our friend from the camp-site stopped to offer us a lift home. Instead he took us to see people working the minerals found locally. Quartz and perhaps soap stone made into hearts and lamps and all sorts in small workshops.

Good to see. He offered again to take us to a carpet workshop I think, but we declined and went back to the camp-site for dinner.