Bank Holiday Weekend Rides

Written by  Monday, 31 August 2015 20:58
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This Bank Holiday weekend despite the rain that seems to never leave us was one of some great rides with great friends. I covered around 300 miles a mix of riding for pleasure and BloodBiking.

The first Ride of the weekend was the one I mentioned about in my previous blog riding for Devon Freewheelers completing 100 miles on a BloodBike run.

My second ride of the weekend was Lee Newsome's memorial Ride-Out in memory of him, and also raising funds for Plymouth Leukaemia & Penhaligons Friends A Child's Berevement Charity. 

The ride which started at Costa Coffee near Marsh Mills in Plymouth, headed North out of the City on the A386 to Yelverton, the rain on this stage was a downpour but everyone stayed in good spirts. We headed over the outskirts of Dartmoor to Tavistock.

Before heading West through Gunnislake, Callington to Liskeard, the mix of riders and backgrounds was very varied with experienced riders riding along with Learners. Approaching Liskeard the rain lifted ready for a refreshing coffee and food stop at the newly opened Chequered Flag SW Cafe which provided excellent service and much needed refreshments.

Following a good break we got back on our bikes, and headed South along the A38 and onto the Torpoint Twisties. Once we got to Torpoint as a single group we boarded the Ferry back to Plymouth and made our way to Captain Jaspers on the Barbican.

A great ride out with the route shown below, click on the image for a larger picture.

Bank Holiday Ride Small

The third ride was on Bank Holiday Monday, this time riding out with Neil Gardner & Steve Puckering with Gill Moran & Tanya Jeffery along as pillions. Neil was taking his new K1600 out for it's first proper ride, with the intention of crossing Dartmoor and then heading North to avoid the weather system that was coming in.

With me navigating and taking the lead, the plan was to follow the route below across the moor and then head North from Moretonhampstead. I must have got distracted by all of the great bends and we carried on!

Certainly not a problem as the road is a great one and very smooth flowing, arriving at Exeter we decided to have a break for a coffee, and more importantly it turns out one of the group had been wanting the loo since Princetown!

We stopped off at The Stables Exeter where we enjoyed tea and coffee's, Neil received a call from the Call Handler asking if he was able to complete a job from Oakhampton to the RD&E.

Neil accepted the job and headed off to complete it while Steve and Myself headed back towards Plymouth on the A38 to grab another coffee and have a look at the video of the days riding.

A video of the ride will be added later this week. In the meantime below is the route that we took.

As with all of my rides, I have an app called RealRider running in the background on my phone, this serves 2 purposes, firstly I use it to record a lot of my rides, so they can be seen back at a later date. Secondly and more importantly if it monitors the phone for signs of being involved in a Road Traffic Incident. If one is detected my position data is passed directly to the emergency services who will then attempt to contact me to see if I am OK. If there is no response or if assistance is needed my location is already known so they can send Emergency assistance.

I certainly recommend this app to anyone out on there bike as a tool which could be indispensable. It is free to Bloodbike Volunteers and a small charge for the reassurance it gives to members of the public.

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Dave Webber

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