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Written by  Sunday, 15 June 2014 21:30
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We're back on European soil today (sailed Sat 14th) camped in the kitesurfing Mecca of Tarrifa. Friday was a 'day off' by the sea. We did washing, walked by the sea, found a spot of lunch in town.

Even had dinner with a Swiss family we met in Chefchauen. Sandy, Tom and their four year old twins, Lars and Sharlene. The kids had pizza, and we had Schwarma (kebab). We had hunted for a final tagine, but it was not to be.

I have been itching all day, as I forgot to DEET last night while we were sat up talking, and was eaten alive by mozzies from the knees down. They're red and angry bites. I am being driven to distraction.

We left Martil early on Saturday, headed to Ceuta (Sebta) and arrived at 11:00. Border crossing went smoothly, and thanks to being on two wheels, quickly.The next boat was at 14:45 so we settled ourselves in the shade and relaxed near the terminal. After a little lunch we talked about heading into town to change money and look for a Santander bank.

Fortunately we were still sat thinking about moving when the barriers opened starting to let cars through. We decided to go in. It was only much later when we were boarding the ferry and having passports checked that we realised it was an hour later than we thought! We would surely have missed the ferry if we'd gone in search of cash.

As we were parking our bikes a familiar Land Rover was loaded up, and we had our Swiss friends back for the crossing. Lars and Sharlene kept us entertained, and helped the crossing pass quickly. Zane has serious Landy envy, Tom is a fabricator by trade and had kitted out their machine with many toys. Including a homemade 'pop top' and 200litres of fuel tanks! I think we will probably do some 4x4 overlanding soon, if we can do some serious work on the Defender.

Once we landed we headed out of Algeciras (with a few wrong turns) and down the coast to Tarifa to find a campsite. Rio Jara is a beach front kitesurfing site. Facilities far exceed anything in Morocco, but so too do the prices of course. We had noisy neighbours last night, but they're gone today.

We headed for a day out in Gibraltar, see the British outpost. I've been before in about 2000 when I stayed on the tri-services base with the Sea Cadets. It was interesting to be back. We climbed the rock on foot, saw St Michaels cave, which is now laid out for concerts. A beautiful concert hall, but cruel and unusual damage to a site of natural beauty?

We also climbed to highest point of the rock, and then rode around to see the Seige tunnels. Sadly the WWII tunnels were closed because it's Sunday. They would have been very interesting to see again, and Zane would have found them very interesting. We met the Barbary Apes too.

Tomorrow we are heading to Cadiz and beyond!

For now, goodnight. Xx