August Wash-up

Written by  Sunday, 30 August 2015 16:57
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This week I have been blessed with being able to ride the bike all week to work with one or two jobs coming up and needing my attention.

The first job I needed to do was replace a headlamp bulb and side light bulb on my BMW R1200RT, neither jobs are particulally difficult just a bit fiddly with big hands!

Sidelight Access SmallThe first job is to remove the mirror, this is easy enough and should have a tiewrap to hold it in place. Next there are 2 screws which hold the panel in place, once these are removed the panel just lifts away. 
Sidelight Replacement SmallThis leaves a hole where you can reach in and remove the small bulb from it's holder and fit a replacement item.
Bulbs Replaced Small
Sidelights both working now so one thing I don't have to worry about for a while... Although when I looked at the left hand one there was the telltale signs that it is on it's way out. (Based on a light smoking on the inside of the bulb glass) 


Luckily with the help of a mobile phone to show that the headlight bulb was lined up it went in without to many problems. The route home today wasn't my normal one, due to an incident on the A38. I decided to take an alternative route I wasn't expecting the road to be so close to green laning!

Watch the video below which shows the road which I was navigating.

Having navigated the road, and seeing the state of the bike it was only right that I gave it a good clean, before and after pics below.

Front Muddy Small Clean Bike Small Rear Muddy Small

I also knew it was time to replace the tyres on the bike, as they had been on the bike since I got her and the bike had been sat for an unknown amount of time before I got her. The tyres that were fitted were Michelin Road Pilot 2's, this tryre has been superseded twice now, with the reccommended tyre being Road Pilot 4's.

There is quite a lot of information about these tyres on the web, all I can add is there is a real confidence boost in the dry. They are supposed to perform really well in the wet with a far improved braking ability. No doubt I will be able to find that out in the coming days!

With the working week complete, I am now on call this weekend with today being Saturday I recieved a call from the Call Handler with a Bloodbike job that needed completing. Starting from home in Plymouth going to Oakhampton hospital for the collection and then onto the RD&E, before heading back home. 100 miles is whats reccommended to bed new tyres in and on this one run I have managed to achieve that.

With a mix of roads from A roads and city riding to the A38 dual carriageway.



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