Another night on call...

Written by  Friday, 21 November 2014 17:03
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So, another night on call. A wet foggy night! Beautiful. Just the usual 45mile loop through Torbay and Exeter. I've been doing less riding recently, but have spent some time organising the talks we are due to give. It shouldn't really be a surprise that bikers, recruited to ride, might be reluctant to stand up and talk to a crowd about what we do.

Though I think it works as a system, mostly because we all know the charity and what it's about. You don't get on a bike in drizzly fog for someone else's benefit if you're not a little bit passionate about what you're doing. I think that shows through when we talk.

We're not riding for pleasure, and we're not commuting because WE need to get there. Just one more car ahead on the gridlocked roads can make all the difference. Just getting through this lights before they change, or making the best progress we can without breaking the speed limit.

I don't care if you rush past me at 90 just down the road (I can't be seen doing that, and I can't afford to risk my licence, it's too valuable) as long as I can cut a few minutes off MY ride time safely. Please pay attention, and PLEASE don't block my path.

I'm not the rider you think I am. I'm qualified and experienced, and it's not about testosterone or ego. Someone is waiting on these results, someone needs this blood. Let's hope it's never you or your loved ones.

Ride safe, pay attention, and take care. Winter is coming and the real fun is just getting started xx

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