Another big step...

Written by  Friday, 02 May 2014 19:43
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I had my last day at work today, and am now officially a lady of leisure! This weekend holds the prospect of much awareness campaigning at the BMAD Paignton Bike festival. Two days in the 'sun' being smiley and approachable. I can do that...

Next week holds much bike servicing. I need to learn how to strip my bike, and rebuild it at the least, preferably getting a better understanding of some of the problems we need to look out for. Quite excited about this.

I haven't done much bike maintenance (beyond chain adjustments) since I became a bike instructor and it became to valuable an asset to risk. (Fortunately I had Scoot n Commute's Brian as a trusted mechanic to rely on) Back to basics now.

There's also much packing and streamlining to do too. 10 days left to go!

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