An ode to just 4p

Written by  Saturday, 14 December 2013 15:31
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Tanya and I were collecting last week - "it's only 4p" I said as it dropped into the bucket. "4p is 4p" said Tanya, which started me thinking about a little ode to Tanya, entitled............

4p is 4p

Well, it’s 4p – and 4p is 4p… as everybody knows,
and as it drops into the tin the total grows and grows.
A cashier’s cheque, a banker’s draft or visa card it’s not.
But inexorably and quietly it begins to fill the pot.

It almost floats as gossamer would, as it sighs into the tin,
it doesn’t make the pounds proud thump as it boldly enters in.
But what it does is keeps on going, near impossible to see
It’s small, it’s light, most nothing at all, it’s only “just 4p”

"Just 4p" goes on and on, dropped from children’s sticky fingers.
And when counting’s done, and smiles are raised, and the copper smell still lingers...
on the hands of willing collectors, who appreciate and see
that grandiose aims would be impossible if it wasn’t for 4p.

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