An excellent reception extended to DFW from Paignton Rugby Club

Written by  Saturday, 12 March 2011 17:30
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After a slow start to the day Paignton rugby club showed their true professionalism on the field to provide an excellent day's entertainment. Beating the visitors from cullompton on the score line in the nail biting last few seconds of full time - everyone was suddenly in the mood for parting with their hard earned dosh for the benefit of DFW

Fellow emergency biker, and team player for Paignton Rugby Club; Steve Jenner, was beaming from ear to ear at the generosity of his fellow team mates and the visitors alike. As the highlight game of the day kicked off at 14:30hrs.

The sun was shining and Club DJ and Match MC announced the presence of Devon Freewheelers; Fundraising officer Tracy Hill took that as her queue to start 'walking the line'. In support were emergency bikers Darren Lee (on scene and on standby with Bravo 3), brother Kevin 'Angel' Lee; who dived for cover and more camouflage make up crying 'they've found me! they've found me!'

When he seen the paparazzi wondering around with their cameras (they were there for the match smiley laughing), Secretary Shelley Roe-Lavery, local rider Philip Aitken-Davies, newly qualified emergency biker Mark Luscombe, Daniel Lavery, and new volunteers from Axminster (Chris and family travelling on a couple of Honda Goldwings!)

looking to find out more about Devon Freewheelers and get on board. A full report with photos to appear later on the latest news page - as fast as my little pinkies can type, and photos can be uploaded....

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Daniel Lavery

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